How to Use Luma AI | Capture Drone-Like 3D Video From Phone

The year 2023 introduced a new technology that had a bunch of benefits and at the same time, this technology has been a bane to many workplaces. The technology has spread to various working sectors and does tasks within a fraction of the time. You must have seen games, movies, and series that are filled with tons of visuals, and currently, many movies are dependent on the VFX effects. So the work with VFX consumes lots of time if you are a small creator, but AI has done the work simply with modern and highly integrated technology. Luma AI is a similar kind of AI tool that completes your hours of work within a short period. 

How to Use Luma AI

What is Luma AI App? 

Luma AI App is a tool that converts low-quality videos, images, or any footage into high-quality and professional output. The 3D visuals can be embedded into your videos which simply enriches the quality and standard of your work. The VFX features are well-blended into this tool. This implies that you can create videos that look similar to games that you play just at your remote end. Further, Luma AI can be used on your smartphones, so that you can create your visions at a faster rate. Luma AI is a specially tailored gift for VFX creators and other game developers. Moreover, Luma AI has also the latest API feature built. So to know more features of Luma AI then checkout below. 

Features of Luma AI

Luma AI is one of the trending AI tools just because of its outstanding features.

Photorealistic Quality: Luma AI has the best photorealism feature, which aims to provide high photorealistic quality 3D models and videos. The AI tool adds all necessary elements like detailing, shadows, lighting, and other things carefully while rendering. 

API: Luma AI is embedded with the API (Application Programming Interfaces). This makes Luma AI generate more detailed and fine output using the API’s machine learning technology. 

Skinning technology: The skinning technology easily enhances the looks and the surroundings of the video. Luma AI has such a useful feature, which easily can change the atmosphere of the video according to your needs.

3D content creation: The 3D modeling feature allows to create desired 3D projects. Further, it also helps creators, animators, and other creative fields to work more productively. 

VFX: Using the Neural Radiance Fields, Luma AI carries the ability to produce a good quality VFX. Luma AI’s VFX simply converts the video into a high-quality and impressive video.

Apart from the above-listed features, Luma AI has Reflections, Drone nerfing, VR, AR, and many more features. 

Download Luma AI APK for Android

How to download and install the Luma AI APK on Android?

You cannot download the Luma AI app on your Android from the Play Store, as it supports only iOS devices. But here we have provided the Luma AI APK which is the web version of this app that you can use as an Android application (APK) on your Android 4.1 or above devices.

  • Visit the “” and tap on the download button provided the webpage to get the APK file
  • Go to the “Settings” of your Android-based smartphone and tap on “Security”.
  • Under the Security section, enable the “Unknown Sources” option.
  • Open the file manager and find the APK file.
  • Tap on the Luma AI APK file and install it.
  • Open the app and allow all the permissions required for the app to function.

Guide to download Luma AI on iOS 

Luma AI is one of the creative AI tools for everyone out there. Here you can check out how to download Luma AI. 

  • The Luma AI app is solely available for only iOS users, hence you can download the Luma AI app on your iPhone through the Apple App Store.
  • After you download, you can register into the Luma AI app by using your Google account, or Apple account. 
  • Once done, you can click videos and images. Simply upload it in Luma AI. 
  • The work is done, now the AI tool will generate your 3D model video with the provided input. 
  • Finally, you can download the video which is of high quality.

Tutorial to use Luma AI

Luma AI videos need to be shot in a certain manner. Follow the below steps.

Step 1: The very first step you need to capture the object in such a manner that the object and the camera lie within 180 degrees. 

Step 2: Now you need to shoot the object by moving in a circular direction, but ensure that the angle remains the same. 

Step 3: In the second shot you need to capture the video from the Top view of the object. And perform the step two again.

Step 4: Next you need to take a bottom view shot from the object. 

Step 5: Further you need to upload the video after completing the signup procedure. Now you can edit the video, animate, change the background, and access other features.

Step 6: Finally, you can export the file in various formats like GLTF, OBJ, and USDZ. These are all standard file formats that Luma AI has made available for its users. 

Pros of using Luma AI

  • Luma AI is useful for Architects to create 3D models for projects. Also, this AI tool is useful for visual artists, game developers, and VFX artists. 
  • The pricing of the API feature in Luma AI is just 1 dollar. 

Cons of using Luma AI

  • Luma AI is in its primary stage, hence the performance rate is not that promising.
  • The Luma AI app is only made available for iOS users. Android users can just use it through websites.
  • Luma AI fails to handle or deal with the video footage, which requires heavy and detailed work.
  • The photo scanning feature in Luma AI is not that great when working with shiny objects. 


Can I use Luma AI free of cost?

Yes, Luma AI is available free of cost, to avail of the integrated API feature for your videos, you can choose the premium feature. 

Can I download the Luma AI app on Android smartphones?

No, Luma AI is only designed and developed for iOS users, hence you cannot find this app on Google Play store. 

What is the maximum video size that Luma AI supports?

Luma AI supports a maximum video size of 5 gigabytes.


AI technology has proved its presence in many workspaces such as education, health industry, entertainment, information technology, video creation, image generation, and many more. Similarly, Luma AI is one such application designed for those creators who aim to build 3D videos using smartphones. Luma AI has enough competitive features which can easily render high-quality, and realistic videos. The free version of Luma AI App has impressed plenty of users, and also its premium API version pricing is affordable. Luma AI app which is supportive and dedicatedly designed for iOS has been a useful hack. Unfortunately, Luma AI is not available on Android, but developers are working to bring this amazing AI tool to Android users too. 

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