Luma AI APK Download

Luma AI APK Download – It is a trending AI tool that is used to create drone shots using only a mobile phone camera.

Create Drone Footage Without Drone No Ads Interruption High Quality Output

Drone footage always looks quite cinematic and appealing. Not everyone owns a drone and even if you own one then you might be not allowed to fly a drone in your area so in such case, you can utilize an AI tool named Luma AI Apk which automatically converts footage captured by your phone to a drone footage which seems quite real.

When you go to hill stations, mountains, and any kind of beautiful place then having drone footage in that place is always a dream for almost all people who don’t have a drone. As you know, Artificial intelligence can replace anything or even everything. A new AI-based tool launched that can easily create drone footage and all you need to do is just to record a video from your phone in different angles and then upload the video to this app then Luma AI will analyze the whole video and then create high-quality drone footage.

The dominance of artificial intelligence in the digital landscape has had a profound impact on our society. It has revolutionized the way we live and work, exerting its influence across various sectors. Nowadays, AI can also replace drones because Luma AI can convert standard video footage into stunning drone footage. You can seamlessly transform any video into captivating aerial shots that rival the quality of professional drone recordings.

What is Luma AI APK

Luma AI is formally available in the web format so you have to visit the official website and then upload the image which is quite inconvenient for a lot of people who use Android smartphones. Luma AI is also available in application format but only for IOS or iPhone devices. Although, here we have shared the Luma AI Apk which is an unofficial application for Android devices. Luma AI Apk works very well and offers a seamless experience to users to creating drone footage.

If you’re a small filmmaker looking to add dynamic visuals to your project or a marketing agency in need of eye-catching content, Luma AI is all you need because you can easily shoot drone footage without spending money on purchasing a drone. If you want to shoot drone footage of your product then you can easily do it in a few minutes using Luma AI Apk.

Users have to create an account in Luma AI Apk by using the Google open authentication feature or Email address and once you are done with signup then you have to record so you need someone to record you in three different angles low, medium and high then open Luma AI Apk and you will see an upload option where you have to upload a video that you have recorded and the smart AI of this app will automatically create a drone footage that will surely blow your mind.

Best Way to Record Video for Luma AI for Perfect Result

Don’t have a drone? Here’s how you can get a drone shot with your phone using Luma AI Apk but to get perfect drone footage, you need to record a video from different angles so that artificial intelligence can easily analyze the scene and then create a perfect shot. If you want to create your own drone shot then you need someone to record you. Record a single uncut clip in which you have to record the person or object at different angles and show the front back and side view and include some surrounding environments so that AI can easily understand the whole scenario and then compile all these data to create a perfect drone footage.

The quality of the drone footage generated by Luma AI is highly dependent on the video that you have recorded and uploaded to Luma AI. Hence, make sure the video is clear, high quality, and perfectly shows the background and foreground view from all possible angles.

Features of Luma AI APK

Video Stabilization

The video may look a bit shaky because you have recorded it with your hands without any gimbal so the app offers an AI-based stabilization option that you can enable to make the video look stable and smooth.

Augmented Reality

On the top right corner, you have an AR option and when you tap on it allows you to move your smartphone further or backward to adjust and create drone footage with your hand movement.

Adjust Video Speed

When you upload the video and then realize that you have recorded the video too fast or too slow then you don’t need to record again simply, tap on the speed icon and you can adjust the video playback speed.

Upload Video

Uploading video is the most important factor in creating a good drone shot with this app. You can only upload one video for each project so record the video from all angles possible in a single video and then upload it to this app.

Aspect Ratio

Whether you want drone footage for YouTube videos, film making or even Instagram reels, you can adjust the aspect ratio of the footage to perfectly match the aspect ratio of the video with your requirements.


Customize Camera Movement

Once you upload the video to this app then you can customize the camera movement and create the drone footage the way you want. Select the custom trajectory option and adjust the camera angle by adding keyframes.

User-Friendly Interface

The overall design and layout of Luma AI APK is very simple and easily understandable. When you open the app for the very first time, you have to create an account and then you can upload videos. It provides an advanced video editing tool to edit videos directly to this app and make it look professional. Users can use AI and AR technology to edit the video and create desired 3D footage within minutes.

How to Use Luma AI APK

Luma AI uses NNeRF technology to create 3D models and convert a normal video into drone footage with few taps. All the process is automatic so users only need to upload a good video in which you show the person or object from three different angles and also show some background footage in the video. Its sharp AI technology also users to automate the production process and create lifelike 3D assets in a few minutes. Here we have provided the complete tutorial about how to use Luma AI Android APK.

1. Download the App:
Firstly, you have to download the Luma AI App from the link that we have provided on this webpage. Pursue the installation guide given below to install the app on your Android/IOS devices successfully.

2. Record an uncut video in different angels:
Now, open the camera app on your phone and record a video of a person or an object from three different angles (Low, Medium, and High). Also includes some background shots in the video to make it easy for the AI to create professional-looking drone footage.

3. Launch the Luma AI App and Create an Account:
Once, you have recorded the video then open the Luma AI app and create an account on this app. Users can easily sign up with Google open authentication or email address.

4. Upload a Footage:
Click on the upload icon on the top right corner next to the profile icon and choose the video from your phone gallery then enter the Title, Camera Type and Privacy settings then click on the upload button.

5. Edit the Video:
Click on the camera icon to edit the video. There are a lot of options and editing tools available in this app that you can utilize to create professional-looking videos.

6. Export your Drone footage:
Once, you are done with the editing, click on the export button and choose the video format then you can save the video on your phone’s local storage.


Download Luma AI APK Latest Version 2024

App NameLuma AI APK
File Size5 MB
CompatibilityAndroid 4.1 or up
DeveloperLumalabs ai
Update28 March, 2024

How to Download Luma AI APK For Android

As of now, Luma AI Apk is not available on Google Play Store so if you want to download this app on your Android smartphone then you have to install it from third-party sources like our website. Here’s the full tutorial to download and install Luma AI Apk on Android devices.


Step 1: First of all, tap on the download button given above to open the downloading page where you can choose the latest version of Luma AI APK and start downloading the APK file.


Step 2: Go to the settings of your Android smartphone and click on the Password & Security option then click on the installation sources and enable unknown sources of app installation.


Step 3: Now, open the file manager and locate the folder where you have downloaded the APK file then tap on it.


Step 4: Click on the install button and wait until the app is installed successfully then open the app.


Step 5: Allow all the necessary permissions and you’re good to go!

How to Download Luma AI For IOS

Luma AI app is freely available for IOS devices so simply open the App Store on your IOS device and search Luma AI using the search bar at the bottom of the screen. On the app’s details page, you will see a button that says “Get” so tap on this button to start downloading and installing the app. Now you will open a button so click on it and enjoy the app on your IOS device for free.

Luma AI Android Apk

Advantages of Using Luma AI APK

Luma AI compiles all the data in the video uploaded to this app and generates a 3D project that you can customize to create drone footage and modify the camera movement. Let’s take a deep dive into the advantages of this advanced AI tool.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Luma AI Apk comes with a stable and reliable interface that is quite responsive. Overall, the app provides a better experience to users than using it as a web version on Android phones.
  • No Ads: It is completely ad-free so users can easily customize and edit their drone footage without being interrupted by any kind of advertisements.
  • Fast Processing: When you upload the video in the web version of Luma, it takes a lot of time to process whereas the app is compatibly faster and less time-consuming.
  • High-Quality Output: After you are done with the editing, you will see an option labeled render so click on it and you can choose the quality of the video. Luma AI offers high-quality video rendering which means it maintains the quality of the video.
  • No Skill Needed: There is no professional editing skill needed. The AI of this app is smart enough to do all the work for you so that users can easily get their drone shot in minutes.

Limitation of Using Luma AI APK

Some say that the future of VFX is Luma AI But it is currently in its initial version so there is a lot of room for improvement. Here are some drawbacks that you need to know before you start using it.

  • Compatibility Issues: Luma AI is not compatible with Android devices. It is only launched for iPhone 11 or above.
  • Third-Party App: The Luma AI Apk that we have shared on our website ( is a third-party application which means it is not the official version of the app. Some developers have converted the webpage of Luma AI to mobile applications for users’ convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Luma AI Apk Safe to Use?

Yes, Luma AI Apk is completely safe and secure for all Android users. Our team has tested the APK file with VirusTotal and did not find any malicious code in the app.

Why Luma AI Is not Available for Android?

Luma AI is currently in its initial stage and they are continuously improving their services and expanding their capabilities. It is possible that they develop the Android version of Luma AI in the future.

Is Luma AI Apk Free to Download?

Yes, Luma AI Apk is absolutely a free-to-download app for all Android users. All the features available in this app are also free which means there is no need for in-app purchases.

Where to Download Luma AI Apk on Android?

On this webpage (, you can easily download the Luma AI Apk for Android & IOS devices.


The rapid advancement of Artificial intelligence continuously replaces a lot of things and makes work easier, faster, and errorless. Luma AI Apk is replacing the use of drones in serval ways such as you can capture drone shots with your Android smartphones or iPhones in a few minutes. Shoot a video from different angles and upload it to this app to convert it to drone footage.

Since it was released for IOS devices, the app has become a hot topic for everyone, and Millions of people started using it. Popular social media influencers also praise Luma AI. With advanced technology and expertise, it can transform an ordinary video into captivating aerial shots.

If you are an Android user and want to try this advanced AI tool then download the Luma AI Apk and install it on your device by pursuing the installation guide we have given above. I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you think this app works well and I can be helpful to others then share it with your friends and family too.


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